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I would say I’m sorry but it would be a lie so I won’t




I would say I’m sorry but it would be a lie so I won’t


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Because of this photoset and because I’m pretty sure Cofie just started a new meme.

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Look At You, Look At Me - Sterek (NC-17)


So, this came about one night when I was dropping porny ideas in grimm’s ask. I made the joke about porn spamming her ask, and when she seemed okay with the idea, the idea for this fic took up in my brain. It was going to be just a short PWP and somehow ended up being over 4,000 words of fluff and porn mixed with the tiniest bit of angst. So, here you are, my darling, I do hope you enjoy!

Thanks to Sam for the fast read-over and beta, even though she has been sick. Any mistakes are mine, made in editing since I kind of tend to not leave well enough alone…

Fic includes: mirror sex, oral sex, hand jobs, rimming, barebacking, bottom!Derek

He who has regrets cannot look at himself in the mirror. - Eric Cantona

Derek hated mirrors.

More specifically, he hated seeing himself in mirrors. For years it was because of the treacherous blue eyes that stared back at him, reminding him of the last pained, trembling breaths of the girl he loved, and how they stuttered to a final stop. Trying to lose himself in a meaningless sexual relationship with an older woman had cost him nearly everything, and all that time, his eyes glowed that cold blue, mocking his weakness.

More recently it was the fiery red glaring back at him that he hated-the red he never wanted, had never been intended to have. It was the symbol of power gained by more death. It was always death.

He gave up his Alpha status with no regrets in order to save the younger sister he’d thought was dead for so long, but even having his eyes return to the familiar blue didn’t make gazing on his reflection any easier.

Derek knew what he looked like, what face he presented to the world. He’d seen the lust burning in the depths of Kate’s eyes and mistaken it for love. He’d been aware of all the lingering stares from men and women alike when he was in New York, had tried to lose himself in many of them, just for a short time. It had come as no surprise to him for Jennifer to compliment his physique even as he lay bleeding in his loft. But nothing had ever filled the empty self loathing, and although things were a little different now, he still rarely gave himself more than a perfunctory glimpse to ensure his finger-styled hair passed quick inspection before leaving home.

Of course Stiles was the one to notice Derek’s mirror aversion and figure it out. He had that knack for being the first to put two and two together. He always seemed to know Derek in ways that Derek didn’t even know himself, even back when they were reluctant allies who could barely stand being in each other’s presence.

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sterek  » ghost au » where the dead can be called and instead of his family, derek gets stiles who insists he’s not actually dead. slowly his life seems to come together.


 The kid… is a surprise. Out of all the family Derek has lost from the world he’d think he’d remember being related to a lanky, mouthy, pale skinned guy. He thinks under the dusting of moles that the guy is pale; it’s hard to tell since he’s translucent.

 “Who are you?” Derek spits, standing up and away from the painted lines on the floor.

 The boy looks up from where he’s staring at his hands, eyes wide and looking slightly panicked. He stutters. “I – you called me. Shouldn’t you know?”

 Derek scowls and pulls the open book to his lap. The small print had said nothing about a stranger being called from the dead instead, and out of all the things to go wrong, he wasn’t expecting this. The boy takes a small step forward as if he’s testing out his abilities, seeing what he can feel but he frowns. His toes don’t even touch the floor until they dip below the floorboards.

 “You can take your dead ass out of here,” says Derek in a huff, studiously ignoring the looming figure. The kid snorts and tries to swipe and Derek’s face, his hand falling through skin. It feels odd, and a chill starts through his body. When the kid retracts his hand the cold is replaced by warmth.

 “Dude, I’m not dead.”

 “You certainly look it,” Derek snaps the book shut. He’s already read it from cover to cover.

 The boy shrugs. “I don’t feel dead. I just don’t seem alive either.”

 “How do I get you to leave?” Derek moves forward and tries to prod the kid’s shoulder. On second thought, he’s not so much a kid and has already filled out quite a bit. Maybe underneath the far too baggy, shimmering clothing there’s a bit of muscle. Derek catches his thoughts. He’s got an unwanted ghost is his vicinity instead of one of the many ghosts he did want.

 The boy scowls and folds his arms. He doesn’t flinch at the attempted contact though Derek’s hand slots through him. “You could be more sympathetic to the person you think is dead. Unless you’re going to quote Albus Dumbledore. Then I’d have to pity you.”

 “What?” Derek manages, still eyeing the boy carefully. He’s trying to figure out a way of dragging him out of the house but since he can’t actually grip his body in any way he’s struggling for ideas. The book didn’t cover any of this.

 The guy straightens before opening his mouth. “Do not pity the dead. Pity the living, and, above all, those who live without love.” Derek sneers at him.

 At Derek’s expression the guy takes in a few short, shallow breaths and begins to laugh. Derek rocks back onto his feet and tries to make his expression as menacing as possible, arms folded across his chest. After a few minutes the kid’s expression abruptly turns sad, the truth of his statement ringing clear. “Sorry,” he mutters.

 Derek turns and stomps his way up the stairs. He doesn’t mean to act so melodramatic but his stitched heart seems to be coming away at the seams. He pulls off his shirt and thinks about going for a run, thinks about feeling the whip of air across his skin. When he turns the guy is standing – hovering – in the doorway.

 He glares and tries not to jump out of his skin. “What are you doing?” he growls.

 “I followed you here, didn’t you hear me?”

 Derek glowers. “No. You’re a ghost.”

 “I’m not a ghost,” the boy insists. “I’m Stiles.”

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Things I learned from Sterek FanFiction:


1.  The Sheriff is perpetually working the night shift

2.  Derek Hale swallows 

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Summary Of The Different Divisions


Stationary Guard 

On duty 


When approached by titans 


Military Police 

On duty 


When approached by titans 


Scouting Legion 

On duty 


When approached by titans 



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“You guys know about vampires? … You know, vampires have no reflections in a mirror? There’s this idea that monsters don’t have reflections in a mirror. And what I’ve always thought isn’t that monsters don’t have reflections in a mirror. It’s that if you want to make a human being into a monster, deny them, at the cultural level, any reflection of themselves. And growing up, I felt like a monster in some ways. I didn’t see myself reflected at all. I was like, “Yo, is something wrong with me? That the whole society seems to think that people like me don’t exist?” And part of what inspired me, was this deep desire that before I died, I would make a couple of mirrors. That I would make some mirrors so that kids like me might see themselves reflected back and might not feel so monstrous for it.

― Junot Díaz

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"youre in college! You dont have to ask for your parents’ permission anymore!!!"


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Guys, please read my extremely NSFW Guardians of the Galaxy fanfic told from the perspective of Groot here.

I don’t normally rec a lot of PWP, but wow. Stop what you’re doing and read this, you won’t regret it!


The only fic I will ever recommend.

This is honestly the best fanfiction I have ever had the the privilege to chance upon

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Groot by Calen Hoffman from Propcustumz [Full imgur album]

Shut the fuck up this is so amazing. 😱


oh my god

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now while i’ll agree it sucks that there was no mourning for Allison - heel even i’ve reposted some shit about it- but i just cannot get over how much it upsets me to not see one post regarding the fact that


hello, please stop acting like that isn’t significant, like that isn’t the ONLY reason they gave us a scene in which Lydia mourned the death of Meredith.

Lydia is a genius, there is no doubt she knew the possible consequences of her actions, hell deputy parrish could see it, and he isn’t even in on the whole story…

the fact is, Lydia’s insensitivity and pushing caused a another human being to have a mental break and hang her self. there was no warning, Lydia didn’t have a feeling, there wasn’t the common knowledge that what they were doing would be dangerous to to anyone outside their group like it had been when Allison died.

when Allison died, those kids knew what they were up against, they knew the risks, LYDIA KNEW THE RISKS, HAD BEEN FEELING IT ALL DAY.

for as much of a piece of shit Lydia was being to Meredith, she never would have imagined what her actions would cause,

not too long ago Lydia lived in a self built world where the worst that could happen was she fall from her status of school queen. fact is, her character is still growing, maybe more so than the others as she opens her eyes to the world she’d decided to ignore before.

so getting that phone call, having someone tell her that a girl had killed herself, KNOWING THAT IT WAS BECAUSE OF WHAT SHE HAD DONE, of fucking course that would eat at someone, this isn’t like assisting in killing Peter - a well know bad guy. this isn’t like hearing about Erica dying, or Boyd, or any fucking one else

this is Lydia pushing someone to commit suicide.

this is Lydia seeing and feeling first hand that her actions in particular now have major repercussions.

this is Lydia killing someone and feeling like shit about it.

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the truth is, there is indeed beauty in this world, the troubles comes with trying to clear the filth out of the way so you can see it
- me
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